10 Thousand BC Luxury Glacier Water Review

Which brand of bottled water do you drink? Well, there are many brands in the market, both local international. However, when it comes to luxury waters, there not so many of them. In fact, luxury waters are rare to find since not every supermarket stocks them. One of these rare brands is the 10 Thousand BC luxury glacier water. In this review, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this luxury brand. 

What is 10 Thousand BC Luxury Glacier Water? 

As the name suggests, 10 Thousand BC luxury glacier water is a top of the range water that is extracted from a glacier, which is believed to be locked somewhere for more than 10,000 years. Over the years, the brand has gained a massive customer base due to its perceived high purity levels, amongst other features. The age of this water is one of the key factors that makes it popular in the market. You can imagine how it would feel if you take a glass of a 10,000 years old water. Well, that is one of the uniqueness attracting buyers. 

A lot is said about this water, but one thing that is not in doubt is its high customers’ satisfaction. But why is that? Well, several features make this water stand out. Do you know that some people believe that this water can help slow down aging? Well, we will tell you why but it is another reason why 10 Thousand BC luxury glacier water is getting popular in the market every day. There are also other reasons why it will cost you around $73 to buy a 750 ml bottle of 10 Thousand BC Water. 

What Makes 10 Thousand BC Water Unique? 

10 Thousand BC is not just another luxury water but a unique brand that serves a specific group of people. It is not meant just to quench your thirst, but also to improve your overall health. It is believed to have some medicinal value in it. Here are six reasons why you should spend your $74 on a 750 ml bottle on this water: 

1. The Source 


The source of the 10 Thousand BC luxury glacier water is one of the factors that make the brand unique. The water comes from a glacier, which is the reason why it is popular. Glacier water sources are rare and are deemed superior to any other water source. The idea of drinking glacier that is about 10,000 years old is what creates excitement in the consumer. The water comes from the Coastal Range Glacier (Hat Mountain), in British Columbia, Canada, which is an award-winning source. Its icy vault is said to have been locked here for more than 10,000 years, making this water unique. It is an incredibly protected area, and thus, the purity of this water is not in doubt.   

2. Brand Recognition 

One of the biggest factors making 10 Thousand BC Water unique is its brand recognition. It is one of the luxury waters available all over the world. Everywhere you go, you will find this water stocked among the luxury. This has been achieved due to its assurance of quality as drinkable water. It is marketed as one of the safest drinking waters in the market, and its source justifies the tag. As a luxury brand of water, 10 Thousand BC Water has managed to create a brand associated with a rich class of people. So, it serves a high-end customer base that would mind spending hundreds of dollars on a litre of luxury water. 

3. Perceived Health Benefits 

10 Thousand BC Water is believed to provide numerous benefits to the user. The water contains numerous healthy minerals, some of which are essential to the body. If you look at the ingredient list, you will definitely appreciate how healthy this water is. The water also contains high ionic content, which is associated with a slowing down the aging process. This one of the biggest reasons why some people are going for this water. The high ionic content helps to heighten brain function and reduce anxiety. These are just a few of the health benefits. 

4. Unique Taste and Smell 

woman drinking last bit of her water

Taste everything when it comes to drinking water. One of the factors that make the 10 Thousand BC Glacier Water popular is the unique taste. According to various reviews that have been collected from consumers, they say that this water tastes and feels like drinking snow. It is also said to smell like snow. That is the uniqueness that most consumers are looking for. What is exciting about this water is that the taste is nature. Having been sourced from a thousand of years old glacier, you can expect to get a natural snow taste and smell. 

5. High Purity 

10 Thousand BC Glacier Water is extremely pure. The source is untouched, uncontaminated and exceptionally pure. The water is naturally purified in high attitudes when forming glacier. The natural process of forming ice helps to eliminate most of the impurities available in most water sources. When in snow or glacier state, the harmful microorganisms can’t thrive in this condition. In addition to that, the source of the 10 Thousand BC Water is also highly protected. This has helped to reduce cases of contamination. Finally, the processing of this water guarantees high-quality levels and zero possibilities of contamination.  

6. Quality Packaging 

10 Thousand BC Glacier water packaging is second to none. If you look at the bottle, you will appreciate the class, elegance and sophistication that comes with this water. The eye-catching design of the bottle definitely stands out. The company has invested in BiB for packaging, and this has dramatically improved its brand image. The bottle comes in a luxury bag-in-box. 10 Thousand BC luxury glacier water is definitely in a class of its own when it comes to packaging. 

Final Verdict 

10 Thousand BC Glacier luxury glacier water is a classic brand that stands out as one of the best luxury waters in the market. Their quality of water, health benefits, taste, sense of style and sophisticated packaging are some of the features that make this water stand out. It is a luxury brand worth every dollar you spend on it. 

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