A Comprehensive Review On Chateldon Mineral Water

Although we have are many premium bottled waters in the market, some are rare to find. One of the rare luxury water brands in the market is the Chateldon mineral water. Sourced in France, this water enjoys a huge customer base across the world. But what sets this water apart from other premium bottled waters? Well, that is one of the things we are going to look into in this review. 

What is Chateldon Mineral Water? 

Chateldon mineral water is a rare naturally sparkling water sourced from a natural spring near the ancient village of Chateldon, Auvergne region in France. Chateldon is believed to be the oldest bottled water in the market- it has been bottled continuously since 1650. This is the water that King Louis XIV used. However, age is not really what makes this brand stand out in the market. 

Chateldon water comes a natural spring flowing from the Puy de dome, Chateldonnaise Mountains. The water is slowly filtered through the rocks as it flows towards the small village. Along the way down the mountain, the water is enriched with essential natural minerals. Chateldon is one of the waters that are naturally carbonated and offers numerous healing benefits apart from quenching and hydrating your body. 

It is also important to note that this naturally sparkling water is a very rare brand. With only 700,000 bottles of Chateldon mineral being produced every year, you’ve got to be very lucky to purchase even one bottle.  

What Makes Chateldon Mineral Water Unique? 

Apart from being the oldest bottled water in the world, Chateldon water offers many other features that make it stand out. For example, it is one of the waters that are naturally soft at the source. Here are other key features that make this luxury water standout:  

Natural Carbonated 

Very few water sources across the world have carbonated water. That is one thing that makes Chateldon water unique. From the mountains, the water washes over rocks where it gets enriched with naturally occurring minerals as well get carbonated. That is why it is sold as a naturally sparkling minerals water. It is the natural carbonation that gives its refreshing and refined taste. Besides, it is important to point out that there are numerous health benefits associated with carbonated water, including improved digestion. 

naturally carbonated drinks

Healing Properties 

One of the most significant selling points of Chateldon sparkling mineral water is the healing properties. The water has been found to possess incredible diuretic and digestive properties. The two are the main reasons why it considered to have healing abilities. In cases, you have been having digestion problem; then this water can help you fix the problem naturally. With its diuretic properties, it helps the body to produce more urine, hence cleansing and detoxing your body. So, this water not just any water that quenches your thirst, but will also improve your overall health. 

High Mineral Content 

The mineral level of the Chateldon water is another factor making it water unique. It is one of the few packaged waters rich in natural minerals. Some of the main minerals include potassium, fluorine and sodium. These are essential mineral to the body. The body does not process them, and thus, this water would be an ideal source. Other minerals found in this water include calcium, magnesium, sulphates, and nitrates. In addition to that, the water has chloride components to keep it free from harmful microorganisms.  

Neutral pH 

The pH of the water is a concern for many consumers. With our body tending to be more acidic, consumers are looking for waters or food that can help keep the pH of the body balanced. That is what Chateldon mineral water is providing. At the source, the water has 6.2 pH, which is considered a neutral pH. This is one of the reasons why this water is unique. Through the processing, the pH is increased to make it the water more alkaline. There are many health benefits that are associated with drinking neutral pH or alkaline water. 

Water Source 

For all luxury water, there is something special about their source. Chateldon mineral water comes from a unique source. It comes from a natural spring that originates from the mountains of Chateldon. The springs pass through rocks where it collects naturally occurring minerals, most of which are essential to the body. It is also crucial to that the natural spring is protected hence keeping this water safe from contamination. There is always something unique about natural spring, including the quality of the water. That is what makes this water unique. 

High Purity  

Chateldon mineral water is sourced from a natural spring flowing from the mountains. However, the spring starts from the mountain, and so the water passes through undisturbed natural forest. Along the way, the water passes through rocks where it is sieved to remove impurities naturally. At the source, the spring water is at a constant temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. At such low temperature, it is difficult for bacteria, viruses and other parasitic microorganisms to thrive. After it is collected from the company’s watershed, it is processed to enhance its purity. That makes it one of the brands that offer purest drinking waters in the market. 

Packaging and Branding 

water packaging and branding

The Chateldon Company has invested in the packaging of their products. This can be seen from the way they have presented to this water into the market. If you look at their water bottle, you will appreciate the class, elegance and the sophistication it comes with. From the design of the bottle, imaging to branding this is a luxury water worth every dollar you spend.  

Final Verdict 

Chateldon mineral water is in a class of its own when it comes to luxury bottled waters. From its quality, health benefits, packaging to taste, this water is definitely worth every dollar you pay. It is available all over the world but in limited 700 thousand bottles. You will, therefore, be fortunate to be one of the few people to buy this naturally sparkling water every year. 

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