5 Best Water Cooler Dispensers In The Market Today

With tap water becoming increasingly unsafe in many areas, people are looking for alternatives. Although buying a water filter would be a good idea, it may not address all your water problems. That’s why you should consider buying a water cooler/dispenser. These appliances are super convenient in that they will filter and cool the water. 

There are many brands and models of water cooler dispensers in the market. However, not all of them will meet your expectations. The trick is to buy from a reputable brand. In this review, we have put together the best water coolers dispensers. The list is based on customer reviews and the manufacturer’s reputation of the manufacturer. Here are 5 of the best water cooler dispenser in the market today in no order. 

1. Costway 2 In 1 Water Cooler Dispenser 

If you are looking for quality, ease of use, and convenience in a water cooler dispenser, then Costway 2 in 1 water cooler dispenser is an ideal option. It is a multiple function water dispenser designed to improve your water drinking experience. One of the key features that distinguish it from other water dispensers is its built-in filtered ice maker.  

Costway 2 in 1 water cooler dispenser comes in a sleek design making it perfect for home and office. Its user-friendly control panel is another feature making it popular in the market. You can easily make hot, cold, and Ice water using this dispenser. The LED indicators help to tell whether the water dispenser is off or on. Other key features include child safety lock and a smart water barrel seat. It’s an ideal water cooler dispense for homes and offices. 

2. Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Dispenser 

Whirlpool is one of the reputable companies when it comes to home appliances, including water dispensers. The Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Dispenser is one of their popular water dispenser models in the market because of its incredible features. First, it fitted with programmed sensors that can sense bacteria and other viruses. Immediately these contaminants are, the dispenser will automatically release unstable oxygen to kill them instantly. That is why it is referred to as self-cleaning. 

The LED indicators will tell you when the self-cleaning function is engaged. Being a bottom load dispenser ensures the sturdiness and stability of the equipment. You don’t have to worry about the water dispenser toppling over. Both temperature settings work really well. If you want warm water, hot to brew coffee, or cold drinking water on a hot day, that’s what you get. This is one of the dispensers that will definitely offer value for money. 

3. Primo Bottom Loading Hot & Cold Water Cooler 

If you are looking for convenience, quality, and value for money, then Primo Bottom Loading Hot & Cold Water Cooler is what you need. The water cooler is perfect for home and office. It’s stylish and sleek design makes it ideal for offices. But that is not the only thing making the water dispenser stand out. It offers some of the best functionality features in the market. You can get instant hot and cold water from this dispenser. You will be impressed by its user-friend control panel. 

The Primo water dispenser model loads water from the bottom, making it easy to replace water bottles. So, you don’t need to lift the water container to load it anymore. Therefore, it’s a perfect dispenser for the elderly and disabled. In addition to that, it is lightweight and compact hence can fit in a small kitchen or office. You need to check it out 

4. Avalon A4 Bottom-Loading Water Cooler Dispenser 

Avalon A4 bottom-loading water cooler dispenser is different from most of the available options. One of the key features that makes it unique is its three temperature settings. It produces crisp cold, room temperature, and piping hot water. So, if you want hot water to brew coffee, this dispenser will do it instantly. Its user-friendly control panel makes it easy to operate the water dispenser. 

In addition to that, the water dispenser comes with a built-in night light for efficient use in the night. It is also coming with an empty bottle indicator that goes on when the water bottle runs empty. When it comes to the quality of the body, this Avalon model offers incredibly durable features.  

Avalon A4 model is a bottom load water dispenser. So, you will not have a problem with flipping or spills when loading the water bottle. It can fit a standard 3 to 5-gallon bottle. Its superior quality and features make it one of the best water cooler dispensers in the market today. 

5. Nutrichef AZPKTWC15SL Countertop Dispenser 

If you are looking for a high-quality water cooler dispenser that is extremely quiet in operation, then go for Nutrichef AZPKTWC15SL Countertop dispenser. The countertop-based water dispenser is designed to operate at minimal noise. That’s why it features among the best water cooler dispensers in the market today. Due to its extremely quiet operation, these water coolers work great for offices. You can hardly hear it operate.  

In addition to quiet operation, they are small in size. Therefore, you can use them in a small kitchen or office. Despite their small, they can accommodate water bottles ranging from 3 to 5 gallons. It produces you hot and cold water instantly. For the hot water, the temperatures range from 170 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, which is suitable for brewing coffee. If you have kids in the house, this model comes with a child safety lock. It has an LED light to indicate when the appliance is on and off. The drip tray makes it easy to clean. 


If you are looking for a water dispenser, these are 5 of the best water cooler/dispensers you can choose from. These are some of the water dispenser offering the most advanced features in the market. They also offer incredible quality and durability features. However, recommend that you choose keenly to get a water dispenser that suits your needs.  

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