What Is So Special In Evian Water? Here Is A Comprehensive Review

Luxury bottled water brands have set themselves apart from the typical brands. To some people, the main thing that distinguishes premium waters from the typical one is the price. But that is not entirely the case. The fact is other factors that make these brands unique and attractive. One of these brands in Evian water.  

What is Evian Water? 

Evian is a luxury brand of water sourced from a natural spring in the small town of Evian-Les-Bains. The water is collected from the French Alps, where the glacier is formed from the rains. It is then deposited into the company’s watershed, where it is collected for processing and packaging. 

What makes Evian water special is the journey that the glacier takes from Alps peaks to the Evian-Les-Bains. It is estimated that the glacier takes a journey of 15 years to the watershed where it collected for processing and packaged. Along the way, the glacier passes through the rocks which enrich the water with minerals and naturally occurring electrolytes. 

What Makes Evian Water Special? 

Several features make Evian water special. From the quality of the water and its incredible purity, there are special features that make this water unique. Here are a few things that make Evian water special. 

1. Great brand recognition 

Evian is one of the bottled waters that enjoy great recognition in the market. With its great properties, including the safest drinking day, the brand has appealed to millions of consumers across the world. It is regarded as belonging to people of high social status. These people willing to part with any amount of money to have a taste of Evian water. Its brand recognition can be seen from the kind of consumers the brand has attracted. From celebrities to the presidents, this brand has gained the trust of who is who in the society. 

2. Unique taste 

Evian water is extracted from glacier from the Alps in France. This water usually passes through rocks from ice-capped peaks to where it is collected. By flowing through rocks, the glacier collects minerals and naturally occurring electrolytes. These are the main elements that give Evian water its distinctive crisp taste. This is one of the features that make this brand stand out. The fact that it comes from glacier also provides this water with a snow taste and smell. In addition to that, the company also adds things for taste enhancement. All this makes this water stand out from most of the luxury water in the market.  

3. Great health benefits 

Evian has great health benefits to the user. First, it is one of the luxury waters with low mineral content. The mineral content is estimated to be around 450 to 500 milligrams per litre. Such low amounts of mineral composition make it the most suitable brand of even for those suffering from kidney problems. In addition to that, Evian water tops the list of healthy water brands because of its neutral pH. At the same time, the water is filled with naturally occurring compounds. Such elements include Magnesium which usually lacks in most food. Magnesium also plays a great role in reducing depression, lower blood pressure, reduction of insulin resistance and also assists in the prevention of Migraines. 

4. High Purity 

Evian water also falls in the category of the purest waters in the world. Several factors make this water the purest in the market. One of them is the source of water. Evian water comes for the snow-capped peaks of Alps. Therefore, it is very pure from the source, and the factor that it flows as glacier helps to reduce level impurities. There is almost zero possibility of the harmful microorganism surviving in this water since it is in glacier form. Besides, the company’s watershed also ensures zero contamination. The processing of the water to packaging also maintains the purity of the water. So, the purity of Evian water is a guarantee. 

5. Celebrity Endorsements 

Evian water is one of those brands of water that derive their uniqueness from celebrity endorsements. They choose their brand ambassadors carefully to show the elegance and class of the product. Virgil Abloh is one such icon in the fashion design industry that gives Evian water the affluence it has in its branding.  

In addition to that, Evian water partners with corporations Danone Waters of America that has recently achieved a B Corp certification to promote good business practices. Such partnerships help them work effectively with other stakeholders, thus maintaining the name of their brand. Evian water also sponsors big tournaments such as the US Open tennis games making its name be known worldwide. They do this by choosing the winners of these tournaments to be their brand ambassadors. 

6. Quality of the water 

The quality of Evian water is unparalleled. This is because this brand of water comes from natural spring water. It contains just the right threshold of Calcium of around 14% to 16% that is recommended by the world health organization for good health benefits. The fact that Evian water comes naturally from springs from glacial rocks in the French Alps gives it unrivalled quality. The level of minerals and neutral pH are other factors that have improved its quality. That is why it carries the expensive price tag. 

7. Eco-Friendly packaging 

The packaging of Evian water is one of the reasons why it comes with an expensive price tag. Since the company producing Evian water is sensitive about the safety of the environment, they prefer using recyclable water bottles. The design of Evian water bottle brands such as limited-edition bottle was done by renowned designers such as Diane von Fürstenberg and Elie Saab. Such designers give Evian water a class and elegance that is unmatched by most of the competing brand. You will definitely like this bottled water. 


Evian water is, without a doubt, one of the best luxury waters. From the quality of the water, health benefits, to the taste and smell, this is definitely a premium bottled water brand. The company is providing a vaster range of flavours to select from. This water might cost you an extra dollar, but the cost is worth it.  

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