Do You Need A Home Water Filtration System?

Health experts recommend that you drink an adequate amount of water per day to remain healthy. But what most of us forget to check is the kind of water we drink. Although the amount that you drink matters, the quality of the drinking water is very crucial. So, what kind of water do you drink?

The quality of bottled water cannot be relied on as most treatments only remove pathogens. That’s why homeowners are encouraged to install water filtration systems. Apart from providing good quality drinking water, there are other benefits that these appliances offer. Besides, if you are in need of a home water filtration system, you have plenty of options to pick from. Depending on your kitchen’s interior décor and finish, you can get a model that suits your space. So, do you need a home water filtration system? The answer is YES. Here are the reasons why:

man drinking filtered water

High-quality Drinking Water

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a home water filtration system in Australia is the quality of drinking water that you will get. If you thought that bottled offers the best quality water, then you might have been wrong all along. Unless you are buying premium brands, what you will get is pathogen-free water.

Most of the bottled water may have chemicals and heavy metals, including lead and arsenic. That’s because the treatment only kills microorganisms in the water. But with a good home water filtration system, they filter all contaminants, including harmful chemicals. So, better quality drinking water is a guarantee.


One of the biggest reasons why you need a home water filtration system is the convenience they offer. If you have been using bottled water, then you understand the kind of inconveniences they cause. Just imagine running out of the supply earlier than you expected. Before you can place a new order and have it delivered, your office operation will be disrupted.

woman holding a glass of filtered water

With a water filtration system, you will never experience these kinds of conveniences. Unless the taps get dry, you are guaranteed to get a constant supply of clean and safe water for drinking. You will not need to rely on a third party for drinking water.

Improved Gut Health

Most people may not know that the quality of drinking water can impact their gut health. When you ingest harmful bacterial, such as giardia, you risk gastrointestinal problems. Most of these bacteria can be found in tap water and some bottled waters.

But with a good water filtration system, it will reduce the risk of bacterial, causing gut health issues. So, you need to get a system that can filter all kinds of bacteria. The good news is that there is a variety of water filters that helps improve gut health.

Better Tasting Water

Several factors determine the amount of water you drink. One of them is the taste of the water. It’s when you have better tasting water that you will be able to drink more water effortlessly. Smell and bad taste are caused by bacterial and other contaminants in the water.

woman sitting and drinking a filtered water

If you have a home water filtration system, you will be able to get rid of most of the water contaminants. You will get rid of bacterial cause bad odour , and other contaminants that change the taste of water. So, you will be able to drink more, and this means better health.

Save Money

Saving money is another reason why you need to consider installing a water filtration system in your home. If you have been buying bottled water, have you ever thought of looking at its budget? Well, you will be surprised by how much you spend on water alone every month. With today’s filtration system, this cost is unnecessary.

With a good water filter system, you will get better quality drinking water at an affordable cost. In fact, the cost of drinking water will reduce by a huge percentage. The only cost will probably be the installation cost, which depends on the variety you choose.

Healthier Children

a healthy child drinking water

One of the biggest problems most parents deal with is getting their children to drink water. You can’t force them to drink more water if they don’t like it. But there are things you can do to increase their water intake. One of them is installing a water filter system.

Children like things that taste good. So, with a home water filtration system, you will have better-tasting drinking water. If you can have a water filter that produces alkaline water, it tastes even better than typical water filters. This will make your children drink more water and become healthier.

Maintain Healthy PH Levels

Your body requires a very delicate PH level balancing to be healthy. You can’t be too acidic because you will expose your body to serious health problems. Similarly, being too alkaline will also be harmful to your health. But most people are acidic, which exposes them to serious health issues such as various types of cancer.

a water filtration system

A water filtration system can help reduce the acidity of the water before drinking. These devices help to remove chemicals such as chlorine, which increases water acidity. They also keep healthy mineral deposits that help to balance and maintain the body’s PH level. Some varieties produce alkaline water, which also helps to balance PH levels.

Protect Environment

Environmental degradation has been increasing every day. With so much pollution, we are making the planet unsafe for everyone. Bottled water is one of the major contributors to plastic pollution. Note that plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. That’s why it’s been piling up.

If you invest in a home water filtration system, you will be able to reduce your plastic footprint. You will be making our water bodies safer since they are chocking from plastic pollution.

a man and a woman drinking filtered water

Stop ordering bottled water or drinking tap water because it exposes to a lot of health risks. Instead, investing in a quality water filtration system. It might cost you to install it, but you will enjoy many benefits. This includes top-quality drinking water at an affordable cost.

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