Private label bottled water and soft drinks as gifts – what’s with the trend?

With the market becoming increasingly competitive, marketers are looking for clever ways to make their products stand out. In the last few years, private labelling has stood out as one of the smartest marketing strategies. These are products sold under another company brand other than the one producing them. As a marketing strategy, custom labelling has been recording positive growth in terms of sale. 

Bottled water and soft drinks are the main target products for private labelling. That’s because of the sheer number of sales recorded by the two products every year. Private label bottled water and soft drinks as gifts top the list. There are many looking to have water or soft drinks custom branded. A good example is drinking water to be served in a wedding or buying water or soft water gift for your fiancée birthday. 

Top 6 Trends For Private label bottled Beverage Gifts  

As the demand for private label bottled water and soft drinks as gifts continues to rise, companies are looking for creative to attract customers. They have a number of trends that did very well in 2019. Most of these trends had a lot to do with value addition in the beverage products. Here are some of the main trends to look out for this year: 

1. Reusable Bottles 

One of the biggest developments in the beverage market is a shift to reusable bottles. This can be seen from the growing popularity of brands like Salomon, Senda Essential and Nomader, amongst others. Unlike the typical bottles in the market, reusable bottles offer more value to the user. That’s why most companies are now targeting. Most customers won’t mind paying more for a gift that offers more value. Buying a private label bottled water or soft drink with a reusable bottle would make the gift more valuable. For instance, you can reuse the bottle for carrying water to work or when doing your routine exercises. That’s why we have seen an increase in the number of reusable beverages in 2019. The trend is expected to grow even bigger in 2020. 

 2. All Sorts of Flavours 

In over the last few years, we have seen many flavours coming into the market. In fact, we have almost all fruit flavours being used on bottled water and soft drinks. For products to stand out, most companies have invested heavily in producing different flavours for their beverages. If you need a private label gift, then it is easy to add a custom flavour. Whether it’s vanilla, lemon or any other fruit flavour, you can now place an order the manufacturer will deliver to your 100% expectations. That’s one of the trends that have made custom labelling perform very well in the market. 

3. Healthier Products 

woman drinking fresh water

With the rise in lifestyle diseases, consumers have become more concerned about the health of products. That explains why the soft drinks market is experiencing slow growth. In fact, statistics have shown that the global consumption of packaged water is expected to overtake carbonates. Companies are now offering healthier bottled water and soft drinks to address customer concerns. That’s why most brands are labelling their products “no added sugar” and “no concentrate.” So, you can now order healthy private label bottled water or soft drink as gifts. We expect to see more of this trend this year. 

4. User-Friendly Feature 

Companies are now producing user-friendly packed water, and soft drinks to appeal to the market. The trend is working great when it comes to gifts since customer places orders with features they want. For example, if the gift is for a disabled person, then you might need some special features. Some of the user-friendly features include the way you drink the water or the soft drink. For the typical bottles, you need to remove the cap to drink. That’s too much work. For improved user-friendly, you don’t need to open the bottle to drink water. You can simply sip the water or the soft drink without special spout. 

5. Printing Designs 

Printing designs is a trend that has stood the test of time. It’s one of the key features that makes the gift more customised. The two most common trends are printing an image or writing on the packaged water or soft drink bottle. If it is a birthday gift, then you can have the picture of the person celebrating the birthday on the bottle. Similarly, if it is a graduation gift, an image related to their career would do the trick. For example, if you have a doctor graduating, a stethoscope image on the bottle would be perfect. Similarly, you can write a message or the name of the person receiving on the bottle.  

6. Smart Bottles 

Technology is taking over the beverage industry and more packaged water. A smart water bottle is one of the tech innovations that has taken the market by storm. The trend has picked up really fast due to the incredible features. With smart water bottles, you can monitor the amount of water you drink in a day. That would make a private label packaged water an ideal gift. These bottles connect with your smartphone app to track your water consumption. The app can also tell the amount of water you should drink every day. In addition to that, you will be getting notifications on when to drink water. Smart bottle is a trend that is expected to grow big in 2020. 


When buying private label bottled water and soft drink as gifts, look for the top trends. That’s how you buy a gift that stands out. Trends are all about getting the best and the latest in the market. That’s why they are crucial when buying gifts. These are 6 of the latest trends in the market regarding private label bottled beverage gifts. Buy reusable bottles, health and user-friendly features as significant trends. 

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